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How it all began:

For a long time, some musicians from the Büchig Music Association had wanted to play a different kind of music at the annual carnival show in Büchig. Unfortunately, the conductor at the time could not be enthusiastic about it.  In 2003, Frank Schneider, Michael Specht, Andrea Schneider and Stephanie Mader tried to get Gugge music up and running. The project was explained in the rehearsal of the Musikverein and invited to the first official meeting on January 10th, 2003. Unfortunately, the response was so low that Michael, Frank, Andrea and Stephanie had to approach individual musicians in order to get closer to their goal of "a playable group". Unfortunately, the entire Musikverein was not willing to tackle the project as a whole at the time, which did not discourage our founders, however. In the end it was done and 16 musicians actively support the project.

But that was not the end of our planning. A costume was needed. Frank, Andrea, Michael and Stephanie managed to design, decorate and make hats and a sack costume for all the musicians up to the performance on February 22nd, 2003. Armin Westermann (an active musician of the Musikverein) came to our aid for the music selection and implementation. He helped the 4 to rewrite the sheet music for the chosen pieces.

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